Two students having discussion in Danna Center


学生的行为, 学生事务, is responsible for fostering growth by engaging students in conversation about ethical-decision making; addressing and redressing student misconduct through fair and consistent application of policies and procedures; and promoting awareness of students’ rights and responsibilities.

We support the larger mission of Loyola University 新奥尔良 to uphold the dignity and value of each person, to foster a commitment to wholeness of mind, 身体和精神, and to maintain a compassionate response to the community.


Please use these forms to report any behaviors of concern involving Loyola University 新奥尔良 students, whether these behaviors occur inside or outside of the classroom setting. Reportable behaviors may include Code violations, a student who you feel may be struggling physically or psychologically, general complaints or information, 学术问题, other behaviors of concern that you would like to see addressed or would like to discuss.

Use this link to appeal a decision of a conduct officer or board.

Bias 事故报告表格 
Use this link to report an act of discrimination, 骚扰, 恐吓, violence or criminal offense committed against any person, group or property that appears to be intentional and motivated by prejudice or bias.

Behavioral Intervention Team Reporting Form 
Use this link to report conduct or events that are cause for concern - whether behavioral or academic - including but not limited to changed mood/appearance, 亲人去世, 个人健康, 学术困难, considering leaving the University, excessive absences from courses, and other 学术问题.

Disciplinary Record Request 
Use this link to request a release of your disciplinary record.

Use this link to report Code of Conduct violations, informational/FYI reports, and/or Campus Security Authority reports. 

Sanction Submission Form 
Use this link to submit any sanctions as prescribed by your conduct officer or board. 

You may also elect to file an 事故报告表格 anonymously as a Silent Witness. When completing the form, please write Silent Witness where it asks for your full name. The 事故报告表格 is monitored Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. 到下午4:45.m. For immediate service call University Police at 504-865-3434 from your cell phone or 911 from a campus phone, which will route you to University Police.